AL’s Quader eyes return to journalism

“You are a journalist. I’m your senior. When I leave the ministry, I will be back in journalism,” he said at an event on Saturday to mark the birthday of Awami League President Sheikh Hasina.

Venting his annoyance with the questions from reporters, Quader said, “You are detracting from such a beautiful programme today just to write a political headline for your newspaper. Why don’t focus on what’s relevant?”

Quader became actively involved in politics during his student years while working as a journalist. He had served as the assistant editor of the ‘Banglar Bani’ newspaper in the 1980s.

Quader, who had also served as the minister for youth, sports and culture in Awami League’s 1996-2001 term in government, has been at the helm of the road, transport and bridges ministry for nearly a decade.