Cricketers on Strike – 11 Demands Presented

Shakib-Al-Hasan presented the Journos with Cricketers’ Demands

Due to many problems arising because of BCB works, Cricketers are on a strike. They have presented their 11 demands. Until those are met, they are stopping all playing and related works.

The demands generally reflect these summery:

  1. Proper honor should be presented to cricketers. The cricketers will elect the Secretary and President of BCB after this present board resigns.
  2. Old Premier League systems should be reinstalled.
  3. Old BPL rules should be established again. And for BPL, home cricketers should be paid as equal to foreign players.
  4. Facilities should be increased in all levels of cricket. Good balls and net should be provided for practice. Honorium for first class cricketers should be minimum Taka 1 lakh. Travelling and Dining Allowances should be increased.
  5. BCB should hire minimum 30 players who will be in contract with them.
  6. Comparing to foreign stuff, local employees should be kept in a balance while it comes to payment. From Umpires to Ground stuff, all should be treated well.
  7. Local league plays should be well organized and given a calendar so that preparation can be taken easily.
  8. For local league, one more event should be introduced beside 50 over and T-20.
  9. Honorium for BPL-Premier Leagues should be paid on time. There are many mishappens regarding the payment.
  10. Rules regarding “Not more than two Franchise League” should be altered. If they are not busy with international games, they should be given opportunity as per wish.
  11. Before even the match starts, many local league results are already established. We have to come out of this problem through proper facilitation of the stuffs.

Shakib-Al-Hasan presented all these demands in front of the Journalists. And till the demands are not fulfilled, the cricketers have decided not to play and take part in any activities.