Death of Student at Ishwarganj – Mystery About Police Case

While the parents were in agony of saving their son who has been attacked by terrorists, some John Doe comes to the Local Thana and makes a case file. But family members do not know anything till they are summoned by polices coming to their house the next day.

The event took place at Ishwarganj, Mymensingh last week.

Jaydul Islam (16) was a student of “Pratishruti Model High School” of Shimultola Mor. His father is Mr. Rafiqul Islam from Duttapara. He was trying to attend this year’s SSC exam for the second time.

Last Tuesday, at the morning, some 6/7 persons stopped his rickshaw around Upazilla Fish Firm area and attacked him with knief. He was taken to Upazilla Health Complex, Mymensing Medical College and at Last Dhaka Medical College. But he could not be saved.

According to his father, he was not part of any Political group/s.

While they were in Dhaka, a case was filed at 16th October, Wednesday, at night 12:05 AM under the name “Jaydul’s Mother Mosammat Nurjahan”. But at that moment, they were in Dhaka. And the name of Jaydul’s Mother is “Nureja Parvin”.

Due to the case filed, parents and older brother of Jaydul were summoned by police to “District Police Super’s Office” but around evening, they were released.

Local people and family members are saying, to divert the attention from the murder case and frame uninvolved people, some mischievous person/s may have created such problem.