Ferry Problem at Kathalbari and Shimulia Ghat – Three Days Passing By

Picture: Entrepreneurship-Bangladesh

Due to depth problem at two of the most important Ferry-Ghat in Bangladesh, many transports are facing problem for the last three days. Launch and Speedboats are in motion but because of depth problem Ferry has been cancelled from Sunday noon to Tuesday afternoon. As a result, Shimulia and Kathalbari Ferry routes have been facing problems.
BIWTCA said, due to seasonal reasons, sediment have been draining up the depth of the river. Digging is going on with machines to gain the depth again. Local Ghat authorities said, among 17 ferries, only 3 small ferries could move in last three days.
On the other hand, at Rajbari Goalondo Ghat, the water current is being reduced day by day. Although 1 & 2 Ferry Ghat has been closed till now, number of Ferries have been increased due to lower current of the river.