Shakib will Not Play for Two Years – Aggarwal in Limelight

On the other hand, although Aggarwal was found to meet him first, Shakib was the one who wanted to meet him first. That was found in the investigation done by ICC.

According to –

On Jan 19, 2018, he received a WhatsApp message from Aggarwal congratulating him on being named man of the match in that day’s game.

Aggarwal followed this message with a message saying “do we work in this or I wait til the IPL”.

The reference to “work” in this message was a reference to him providing inside information to Aggarwal.

On Jan 23, 2018, he received another WhatsApp message from Aggarwal in which Aggarwal made another approach to him to provide him with inside information, saying, “Bro anything in this series?”

On Apr 26, 2018, Shakib played for the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in their IPL match against Kings XI Punjab.

The cricketer has been rusticated from all kinds of cricket and related fields for two years by ICC due to hiding information regarding the connection with the bookie.