War of Onions: Big Players in the Field

Due to excess price in the field of onion, big business conglomerates are also coming to the field. Still the price cannot be reduced. Even half-rotten onions are being sold at BDT 70 per KG.

May be the reality of this situation was acknowledged by Greek Hero Alexander the Great long time ago. That’s why he said to his genral – “Oh Selucus, how different is this country! How different are these people!”

The Bangaliana of eating a onion piece with a Singara or Samusa has also gone to dogs! No hotel owners are daring to provide their customers as it is now a luxury!

May be as the stories we have heard about buying “1 Mon (40 KG) of rice with 1 (One) Taka” will transform itself into “One day, we could buy 1 (One) KG of Onion with 5 (Five) Taka only.”

In this situation, big players have been taking the field of onions. As a result “The Onion War” is bringing the big players into strategizing. Meghna and City Group are bringing onions from abroad into local market.

According to City Group, they have already opened L/C for Two and Half Thousand Tons of Onions from Turkey. Import cost for each KG will be BDT 40.

Although the Ministry of Commerce & Industry is trying to reduce the hot taste of onion, we cannot still say where this is going. May the taste of onion become sweeter again!