“Why did you get married?? Give me 10k” – SI Ripon, Gabtali, Bogura

It is a sin to get married while on General Diary (GD). Such idea was generated by SI Ripon from Gabtali, Bogura. He went too far to break down house of newlyweds to ask for 10k as he was the IU of the GD done by the father of the bride.

According to law, adults can get married when they show the identity of being an adult. But according to law “ENFORCERS” like SI Ripon it is a sin to get married without informing him while he was the IU of the SI.

Such happenings are not new for taking bribe of LAW ENFORCERS (!). But going this far for money has been a totally new step.

It looks like we need to see who our SI is before doing our GD at the stations.

-Commentary by Assistant Editor, Entrepreneurship Bangladesh.