Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Alerts Mischievous people not to destabilize Bangladesh through malicious posts on Facebook.

In Bhola, A Facebook ID of Biplob Chandra Shuvo was hacked and he has been blackmailed for money. When it has been informed to the police, the police tried to assist him.

But miscreants under the banner “Touhidi Junta” attacked without any prior teasing on Police and the boy. The occurrence led to death of four (4) persons and hundreds of wounded. As well a policeman was attacked by firearms and took a bullet. He has been transferred to Dhaka for hospitalisation.

Such an issue is not new and PM is warning the miscreants with great strength.

At a meeting with Juboleague Leaders last day at the evening, PM asked for help from the common people to stop these miscreants.

“The country is doing well, making progress and everyone knows about it. But there is a group that wants to destabilise the country in different ways. So I seek the common people’s help to stop them.” the prime minister said.

Police has already taken into custody, two Muslim men based on the account that blackmailed Biplob Chandra. Other miscreants are also in the process of taking into custody.